Hydraulic oil services

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Superyacht hydraulics are a VITAL and FUNDAMENTAL part of the operation of the yacht, the only reliable way to move heavy items on board, with an industry that design, install and supply state of the art hydraulic systems … where the importance of keeping these on-board hydraulic systems running is a must...

Oil Contamination problems are known to cause most Hydraulic failures (sometimes considered as normal yacht maintenance repairs) and the experience of designers, users and manufacturers of hydraulic systems has estimated that 80% of failures or malfunctions are due to contamination… Most yacht power pack´s, systems and hydraulic components manufacturers specify a target ISO cleanliness level in order to achieve optimal performance

It is critical to set the proper cleanliness and humidity removal targets and to develop contamination control procedures that will allow the yacht to finally meet those targets. Doing this customers should greatly reduce maintenance costs, premature wear and possible eliminate some hydraulic failures.

Marine Oil&Fuel Care consultancy services:

-We prove if your hydraulic system is under contamination control with running conditions

  • We check if your actual lab analysis is really showing you this important confirmation
  • We check if expensive flushing’s and/or different oil changes operations have been proved to be the final clean solution & if they were necessary
  • We check If your system is running bellow/ above your equipment limits levels?
  • Why clear- bright samples are not good enough -Set your component cleanliness targets and take actions to achieve targets


Hydraulic oil pump-in service according ISO cleanliness levels standards New hydraulic fluid right out of the drum is not normally clean fluid, not achieving the requirements for use in a hydraulic system . We offer a special pump in filtration service to your incoming oil before it enters the reservoir tanks.

Keep OIL & Hydraulic SYSTEM Clean – remove solids and moisture Particulate – Water – Air contamination: the forgotten maintenance


Seawater in oil? Condensation? Excessive wear & particles on oil samples? Urgent action required as you need to run your hydraulics? DO NOT RISK

When you experience high particle content, a sudden ingression of water or other contaminants into your hydraulic system, your equipment life and yacht operation are at significant risk. Your standard filtration system are not designed to maintain system cleanliness specifications under this contamination conditons. To prevent this Marine Oil&Care has a special urgent service to remove contaminants that have entered your operating system without interrupting your hydraulic operation